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Department of Software Engineering
State higher edicational institution
«Donetsk National Technical University»
department of software engineering
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About department

  Department of Software Engineering (up to 2015 - Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science) was founded in January 1974, the department was headed in different years:

  • 1974-1978 gg. - DF-mathematical sciences, professor E.I.Harlamova;
  • 1978-1993 gg. - Prof. L.P.Feldman;
  • 1993-1995 gg. - Prof. A.I.Sleptsov;
  • 1995-2014 gg. - Prof. E.A.Bashkov;
  • 2015 - present time: O.I.Fedyaev, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

  In recent years, educational and scientific activities of the department has focused on the theory of programming, design methods and technologies of building large software systems. Given the urgency of Software Engineering, Department moved to the preparation of bachelors and masters in two ways:

  • Software Engineering (since 2008.);
  • Information Systems and Technology (since 2012 in the profile "Computer Aided Design»).

 to these profiles specialists focused on the industrial development of software for data-processing and intelligent systems for various purposes. For successful implementation of the engineering department of forming students' professional competence in the following core disciplines: programming methodology, software engineering, new programming paradigms, programming languages and compilers, discrete mathematics, databases and knowledge, operating systems, computer networks, intelligent systems, parallel and distributed systems, CAD systems and complex objects.

 The quality of the practical training is provided by programmers specialized laboratories of the department. New methodology and tools for basic software engineering divisions are concentrated in the following specialized laboratories: programming technology, computer-aided design, web-programming, intelligent systems, graphics and virtual reality systems, information security and quality programs, distributed information processing technology. Classroom of the Department fund has a modern infrastructure: local area network, which is connected to the corporate network of the University and through it - to the Internet, computer classes, 100% coverage of the free Wi-Fi, lecture halls, computer equipment and multimedia tools.

 Currently, the department has 6 associate professors (Fedyaev OI Andryukhin AI Skvortsov AE Grigoriev AV Sitnikov, OD, Grishchenko VI), 2 senior teachers ( Kolomoytsev IA, Chernyshov AV), 9 assistants (Nezamova LV, Teslenko GA, Gaidukova OA Rychka OV Morgaylov DD, AV Chabey ., Kuzmichev AS, Morozova OV, Bakalenko VS). The educational process is accompanied by: Software Engineer: Rozhkov VV, specialist Golovin, IJ, laboratory Serkova SN and Filipishin DA

  The department, as a full scientific and teaching staff with their traditions, formed due to high professionalism and personal qualities of the professors who were at the beginnings of its creation.

 The first head of the department was elected Prof. EI Kharlamov. She, along with the first teachers-lecturers VB Gindes, GV Mozalevskaya, GG Shaldyrvan, assistants VI Kostin, EV Ronsalem, SG Suvorov, in a short time was able to provide a highly qualified training in applied mathematics.

 In March 1978 he was elected Head of the Department prof. LP Feldman, who retained a mathematical fundamental nature of education and initiated the strengthening of applied content of training. Create profiles. LP Feldman scientific school analog-to-digital simulation has become a powerful tool for research of complex processes. In 1989, the Department completes the issue of Applied Mathematics (over 1,000 graduates) and in 1992 begins training software engineers on a specialty Software of computer facilities and the automated systems.

 Teachers and researchers of the Department carried out the work with the Moscow Research Institute «Schёtmash», under the theme Industry Research Laboratory of the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry Development of structures and software analog to digital computing systems. We were contractual work for the analog-to-digital simulation of complex dynamic systems of defense (Institute of Applied Hydrodynamics, OPS, etc. Research Institute.).

 In 1992, there was a transition in the preparation of bachelors and masters in programming under the direction of Computer Science specialty Software of computer facilities and the automated systems. Since 1994, under the guidance of prof. Bashkova EA started training in the specialty Economic Cybernetics, which is focused on the development and use of mathematical modeling and information systems in the field of economy. During this period, a great contribution to the training of specialists in new areas have docents GG Shaldyrvan, OI Fedyaev, NE Hubenko, Y. Ladyzhenskaya, NN Datsun, AE Skvortsov, SA Zori, VV Karabchevsky, AV Smirnov, OA Dmitriev, TV Mikhailova, NS Kostyukova, VS Grandmother, senior teachers VI Kostin, IA .. Kolomoytsev, IA Nazarova, AV Chernyshova.

 Scientific achievements of the department leading teachers are known far beyond its borders. The department conducts research in the following promising research areas: intellectual systems of decision-making and training; intelligent automation system design and research; organization of computational processes and algorithms of parallel high-performance computing systems; parallel algorithms and specialized computer systems for the synthesis of images; methods of design of specialized digital VLSI systems; applications and specialized databases and knowledge; software distributed information processing technology.

 Professor EA Baska, L.P.Feldman O.A.Dmitrieva and are winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.

 Within the framework of agreements with foreign partners, members of the department take part in international research in the field of computer science. In 1993 and 1995, Prof.. LP Feldman took three-month research internship in Stuttgart (Germany). In 1997, the Volgograd State University (Russia) Assoc. OI Fedyaev delivered lectures on artificial neural network theory. Under a contract with the Philadelphia Scientific Centre Assoc. Y. Ladyzhenskii successfully completed training in the USA on the basis of the University of Pennsylvania.

 In recent years there have been significant changes in the approaches to the development of computer software systems that require constant revision of the contents of programmers. To prepare bachelors and masters in the field of software engineering, in accordance with international standards, the Department takes an active part in the work of commissions for the development of new state educational standards in areas of training, Software Engineering and Information systems and technology.

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