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Department of Software Engineering
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«Donetsk National Technical University»
department of software engineering
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International collaboration

The department collaborates with :

  • Taganrog Radio Technical University (Russia)

  • Stuttgart University (Germany)

  • Magdeburg Technical University (Germany)

Teaching staff of the department regularly takes part in International conferences:

  • International methodological conference «New information technologies in university education в университетском образовании»,Novosibirsk (Russia)

  • International conference KDS, St.Peterburg (Russia)

  • Artificial intellect conference, Moscow region (Russia)

  • All-Russian conference Neurocomputers and their application, Moscow (Russia)

  • International conference on computer graphics and computer vision «ГрафиКон», Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)

  • International scientific-technical conference «Compute technologies in management, diagnostics and education (КТУДО)», Tver (Russia)

  • International scientific-practical seminar High-performance parallel computing on cluster systems, Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)

  • International conference ASIM, Magdeburg (Germany)

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Participants of the conference
  - annual International scientific conference on aspects of simulation and modeling is held in European countries with invitation of the specialists from all over world. The delegation of Computer science and Technologies faculty regularly take part in this conference which includes leading teachers of the department  -
  professor Feldman Lev Petrovich,
  professor Bashkov Evgen Alexandrovich,
  docent Dmitrieva Оlga Anatoliyvna,
  docent Zori Sergiy Anatoliyovich.

In 2003 the conference was held in Magdeburg Technical University (Germany).
  The teachers of the department made a reports devoted to problems of simulation,
  parallel computing organisation, high-performance image synthesis. These papers were published in Proceedings of ASIM. The delegation was invited by director of ASIM to attend this conference in 2004.

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